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Image by Oscar Sutton


Dogs are welcomed, even encouraged, to enjoy Fellside Lodge, but to ensure that the next doggie visitors enjoy the same premium experience as you have, we ask that their owners observe our few basic guidelines:


  • We want it to be home from home so four legged friends are welcome to lie on couches and sleep on beds but please use the throws provided in the basement basket to protect the furniture and bedding.

  • Please can wet and muddy dogs always come in the back door and get washed and dried in the basement before using the rest of the house.

  • When making use of the dog equipment in the basement, please read all the instructions provided in the instruction manual.

  • To be fair to all dog patrons, we cannot accept bitches in season.

  • In the event of little accidents, please use the specialist cleaning products provided.

  • All dogs to be fed in the kitchen or basement only please.

  • We accept up to four well behaved dogs and more by prior arrangement.

  • Dogs are not to be left alone in the property. 

  • It is the human's responsibility to thoroughly clean up after their dog(s) both inside the property (excess hair, after using the dog wash etc.)  and outside of the property (natural waste needs to be cleaned up, removed and the area washed down).

  • Finally, it goes without saying that dogs will not be charged for any damage they may do to Fellside Lodge or its' furnishings – as ever, that will be the human's responsibility!

  • Whilst it is fantastic to offer our dogs the freedom of a nice Lakeland off-lead walk, livestock worrying is a real problem and illegal under UK Law. Please always keep your dog(s) on a lead and under close control around livestock.  You can find out more HERE

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